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Rosemary - Listed building consent in St Ives, Cornwall

The Brief – to restore, re-configure and sympathetically modernise a 19th Century Grade II Listed Cornish cottage. The house was in a poor state of disrepair and had not been maintained for many years. The internal layout was not conducive to modern living with the only Bathroom being off the Master Bedroom resulting in no access for the second Bedroom and a second Shower Room was therefore required.  The property had been ‘modernised’ in the 1970’s with a gas effect fire supplying the only heat source in the Living Room, a timber stud arch dividing the Lounge and Dining Room, and security wired windows added to the rear.  Externally concrete pointing had been applied to the external walls, which combined with the concrete screed directly laid onto the earth at ground level had caused damp to spread and damage to the lime plaster walls.

The Design:

  • Layout - the internal layout was reconfigured with a second shower room introduced in the rear addition at ground level to serve the second bedroom. The kitchen was repositioned into the main house and a classic kitchen to complement the style of the cottage was fitted with oak worktops and traditional range cooker. The arch was removed and a reclaimed timber beam fitted to divide the open plan kitchen and living area. 

  • Heating - the gas effect fire was removed and a traditional woodburning stove installed along with an A-rated gas combi boiler.  Replacement energy efficient electric heaters were added throughout that could be centrally linked.

  • Damp - large and small scale repairs were made to the original lime plaster walls. The concrete pointing was removed to the external walls and the walls repointed in lime, with a specific mix being agreed with the Conservation Officer to suit the colouring of the granite walls. 

  • Insulation – natural insulation was added at all possible stages, at ground level below the limecrete floor and at roof level. It was not feasible to insulate the walls and the single glazing remains due to the building being listed. However, consent was granted for secondary glazing which was added to reduce the heat loss.

  • Finishes – breathable natural paints were used on the lime walls to allow the building to breathe and natural timber floors were laid. 


Project work undertaken by CAD before construction could take place included design concept and sketch schemes as well as full planning, listed building consent and building regulations approval.  


Build Route – Self Build.

Completion Date – July 2012.

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