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The Cornish Vineyard - New 'Dutch' storage barn

We are very excited to let you know about our latest project, a new vineyard located just outside of Truro.  ‘The Cornish Vineyard Ltd’ is an exciting new sustainable business venture that aims to produce high quality, single estate wines in the heart of Cornwall.


Over the past two years, 3.5 hectares of vines have been planted which will aim to produce world class sparkling White and Rose wines plus smaller quantities of still Rose.  The high-quality wines that are produced would primarily be sold to local hospitality outlets, vastly reducing the “food miles” when compared to the importation of wines from Europe and around the world.


We have been working with the owners to establish the family run viticultural business since 2016 when The Cornish Vineyard’ was established.  We made sure all the necessary consents were in place and have worked with the owners to masterplan the vineyard.  We have recently received approval for a curved roof Dutch style storage barn for the vineyard. 



As well as producing world class wines, the vineyards core ethos is to build an environmentally conscious and ecologically sensitive business. The vineyard has recently been certified as carbon neutral, and it is intended to create a 15-acre wildlife haven surrounding the vines.  The vineyard is taking an active approach to the management of the whole site to increase the levels and diversity of flora and fauna.  This will include orchard planting, wildflower meadows, bird and bee boxes, woodland management and the creation, repair, and maintenance of traditional Cornish hedging.


The vineyard business will not only provide full time employment throughout the year but additional seasonal work.  The vineyard is also looking to create a local following to allow supporters to get involved in activities during the growing season and in particular, the harvest, which would be followed by a feast night where pickers get to sample the wines! 

Given the uniquely suitable microclimate and situation of the vineyard site, it has the potential to produce very high-quality wines in the future. Patience is key when it comes to establishing a vineyard and producing top quality wines. Whilst a modest harvest would be expected in October 2024 of circa 3,000 bottles, the full average production of 14,000 bottles per annum would not be likely to be achieved until 2027 onwards, with the resultant sparkling wine taking a further 2-3 years to mature before being ready to sell.  You know what they say, good things come to those who wait….

We will keep you updated with the development of the vineyard and when you might get to sample the first wines produced by your local vineyard, watch this space!  

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